Krucker Saunas – Outdoor Saunas | Barrel & Birdhouse

Frequently asked questions

What types of saunas do you carry?

We sell the Birdhouse, Barrel, and Traditional style sauna

How long will my sauna take to heat up?

An average 20-30 minutes.

Why do you use Cedar for saunas?

Cedar is by far the most popular, most attractive and most durable. Cedar has a mild, pleasant smell that many people associate with saunas. Natural tannins make cedar rot resistant.

Electric or Wood Burning stove?

Electric sauna heaters are more compact. Depending on your scenario, Electric heaters may be less expensive to operate. Wood burning sauna heaters are larger. There is no certification category for wood burning sauna stoves. You do not require any kind of permit to install and run a wood burning sauna.

Do you offer financing?

We offer financing though our partner FinanceIt. See our contact page to apply

What areas do you ship to?

We primarily ship within the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.